• 5 manufacturing warehouses with 12,000 sq. meters of manufacturing space
  • Automated Laser cutting machine
  • 4 Amada CNC punching machines
  • 2 electrostatic powder color coating system
  • Computer aided hydraulic bending machineries for metal forming
  • Computer aided hydraulic metal cutting machines
  • SIVACON Simaris design program

Production Line

  1. More than 40 experience sales and project engineers working collaboratively to estimate costs, optimize designs, and provide production planning, with the main goal to offer the best service to all clients.
  2. All Switchboards are manufactured in house using the highest-grade materials and best machineries.
    • Hydraulic shearing and bending machines for manufacturing of cubicle enclosures.
    • Computerized CNC punching machines ensure the highest precision and reproducibility of metal parts.
    • Automated Laser cutting machine increases productivity without compromising precision.
  3. All metal parts are coated using electrostatic powder color coating system and dried completely in 400 degrees Celsius industrial oven.
  4. Skilled electricians assemble the switchgear under supervision of project engineers.
  5. Every switchboard undergoes extensive factory testing and quality control before being delivered on site.

Assembly Line

CNC Machine

Quality Control (QA:QC)

Routine Test according to IEC 61439-1

  • Insulation test 2,500 VDC(M ohm test)
  • Withstand voltage test 2,500 VAC 60 Sec
  • Protective circuit continuity test
  • Function Test

Primary current injection

Contact resistance tester (100A-200A)

MV withstand voltage tester (100kV)

M Ohm tester

Thermo scan

Withstand voltage tester